So, on Facebook, there was a black and whit challenge, (7) seven days, (7) seven black and white images of your sites. Well, I didn’t make it to the 7th day! but here are (5) five great outtakes on my excursions of NYC. 

My first full shoot with a professional camera and these photos are completely uneditied. The Brother, Master Joshua and cameos with slave jim. He we showcase pieces by K-Straps of NYC — A brand with a vegan state of mind. Thats Instagram @Kstraps_jockstraps for your vegan leather pieces and @masterjoshuaNYC for Pro Dom services.

My second professional shoot with Brother, Master Joshua and sub T. This is BDSM-KINK! This was not storyboard, just follow and shot and not interrupt the scene! Shortly after I spoke with sub T and he told me he had a thing for vintage films. Ding Ding Ding…. why not make the photos vintage! Lets just say, I got the biggest hug after he saw the proofs!!! 

Self Portrait a few years ago taken on iPhone edited with VSCO


 BTS work with IGs @IMBProductions for K-Straps, a vegan leather design setting for the larger men.

 IGs @theone_jwb at the NYC RocBar — “Fuck Being Friends” Bar Cabaret, just some candid shots…